The Consortium as a whole

European Map of Participients

Every partner in the NoScratch project has its special role. The consortium is formed over the whole value chain from Research and Development over system manufactuers and providers to end users.

The SME company Blösch AG, as an end user active in the production of optical coatings, will assess and validate the developed technology in optical application.

Also Ionautics will provide a technology transfer by the end of the project by the fabrication of a pilot coating process for glass based on the new technology.

Switzerland, Sweden and Germany will be represented in the consortium, providing a higher impact of the breakthrough in Europe.

Critical Components

The three critical components for the success of this development are

  1. new tailored composite mixed nanocrystalline materials,
    • to be developed by Fraunhofer IST,
  2. improved magnetron sputter sources for high-rate deposition of defect free and ultrahard films,
    • to be realized by the SME Robeko GmbH,
  3. new plasma deposition processes based on highly ionized plasma,
    • to be developed by Linköping University and the SME Ionautics.

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